Friday, March 27, 2009

feedback on the girls night

ja- whatever. i went strong till all of 22h00 and was asleep in bed by 23h15- sober.
the girls continued without me, but holding my eyes open with toothpicks was ruining my outfit.

i keep forgetting that i am not that girl from a year and 3 months ago. i can put myself in the same bar, eat the same things and drink decent rum, but its not going to change the fact that i am a mommy and a wifey now and that my priorities have changed.
i still have a potty mouth and i still talk about sex and i still get to make my friends laugh, but i have to try a lot harder now because all i want to really do is talk about ben. sad hey?
also, because i am not in the loop anymore (facebook isnt much help these days) i am still talking about so and so who broke up LAST year and DID YOU SEE WHAT WHATS-HER-FACE WAS WEARING????eish. and its all totally outdated and BORING.

BUT i LOVE my friends, i love what they mean to me- i just have to redefine our friendships because they play different roles in my life now. how the BEEP do i do that though? none of them have kiddie winks and i see them less and less and i am scared that soon, too soon, i might not see them at all. at least the prospect of my big fat wedding is keeping them around!!! haha.

i am going to introduce my friends to my blog real soon. i just have to find appropriate pics of them.......(havent changed completely!!!!!!)

weekend here i come


momcat said...

Your friends will either catch up with you as they have kids or you will move slowly into a different circle of friends. Maybe entertain your friends at a braai or some form of girls party at your house instead of going out for a strictly girls night which you are now moving away from. Show them your world rather than not feeling part of their world.

Hayley said...

Just found your blog!
I remember feeling the same way when I got married...I was the first in my group of friends and even that was different. As momcat sayshey eventually all catch up :-)