Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i spend so much time on my own these days and my little head is in constant think mode. i have conversations with myself all day long and by the time i see people, my little tongue goes into 7th gear and machine guns through a conversation so fast that it leaves me and the person i am speaking to utterly and completely dumbfounded and exhausted.

dumbfound- to greatly astonish someone
bullshit. i dont greatly astonish anyone. i blow their minds away with the amount of information i manage to store on a daily basis and then incoherently word vomit out into the palms of their hands.

hence i am taking a day or two off a week to spend with other people- like my friends or even a car guard. i think paul and ben also need a break from the manic mother. thank god for blogging, if i am talking too much, you can always close the page and take a breather whereas if you were infront of me, you'd ask for a drink. a stiff one.
thank god for commas and full stops.

does anyone watch true blood? i PVR it and then glue myself to the tv screen straight after i put ben down to sleep in the morning. its a mind fuck. who came up with the....what do you call the part that they slip in straight after the first few seconds and before the first 5 minute long tv break? well, the opening bit, what ever its called, is fucking ridiculous. its so middle america, it reminds me a bit of edgemead- no offence dear readers.

anyway, i think i might have had a caffeinated coffee instead of my usual decaf.

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Ches said...

Ha ha, Edgemead!

They're called the 'opening credits' Mrs Osborne. And I felt like all the happiness had been sucked out of me after watching them last night. I slept with the light on, ha ha.

Welcome to the bloggosphere Tara!