Monday, March 23, 2009


i was born on the 8th of june 1984 in cape town
i attended various schools- usually the ones that would have me.
my parents piled myself and my siblings into the ugliest old jetta EVER and dragged our asses to JHB when i was 13 years old, after a short stint in the old smoke, i packed my bags, R150 and jumped on a plane back to cape town where i have been ever since.
last year, i met the man i planned on spending the rest of my life with- he wasnt so sure about me though- being my boss and all- but this girl always gets what she wants. after a whirlwind 4.5months of romance and far too many drunken nights, i fell pregnant.....and so ben arrived one wednesday after my water suddenly broke in the middle of the night- the little guy has been early at everything since.
i am now a stay at home mom, rearing my little over achiever into something of a prodigy.
in a few months time, i will be walking down the aisle to become Mrs Osborne.....
ah, life is great. wine is plentiful and the view is beautiful

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