Monday, March 23, 2009

phuza thursday

i should be in bed. sleeping. while i can.

instead my mind is racing, my palms are sweaty and my heart is pumping vast amounts of blood through my veins. i think i might even have an asthma attack soon.

it feels like years since i last had this feeling.


the mere mortal could never begin to understand how i feel right now. only a mother can.

a night out, a phuza thursday night out nogal.

jislaaik. ek kry sommer lekker as ek daaroor dink. imagine net- cuba libres, chilli poppers, hysterical banter amongst hysterical girls getting more worked up by the rum fuelled second.

we'll skinner, we'll talk about sex, we'll dance on tables, we'll throw sounds like bliss.

ah, and we'll wear high heels, wash and brush our hair, maybe throw on some mascara.

i have already placed the order for some myprodols....

our last girls night looked something like this........

and then this was just before then.....

clearly it might not get this raucous, i am a mother now afterall..........but none the less, come thursday, i am donning my heels, a LBD and some matching underwear (that might be pushing it, but you get my drift)