Friday, April 24, 2009

i am back

i wasnt on holiday on some remote island or anything, i just had myself a little blogging break....after last night though i feel like repenting in some way and writing seems to fit my profile

i feel very sorry for myself today. i am hanging like a other words, i had one hell of a debaucherous night out with my girls last night and after that first jagermeister and that second martini, i somehow thought that going full steam ahead was the intelligent thing to do....not fucking likely.
god, i feel like shit. i have been feeling like shit all day. i woke up feeling miraculously great, but i think i might still have been drunk at the time. i have wolfed down more essentiales than is healthy, but i still feel like a piece of pooh. my eyes look like two pissholes in the snow and funny enough i still smell like whatever it was i was drinking.
to make matters worse, i have a wedding tomorrow and a bachelorette in Darling on sunday....crikey. my little liver is about to kick the bucket and drag me down with it.

good news is, i was called a milf the other day. for those of you that have no clue what that is, its best left unsaid at this late stage.....all you need to know is that it made me gush and feel very happy indeed, even if the person saying it wasnt my man.
its nice to know that this old goat still has it on some days.
over and out, i think i need to either down a beer or climb back into my dark hole.....

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