Tuesday, May 12, 2009

so obvious

i had a chat to my mom this morning and although i usually tend to ignore my parents advice, my mom was actually so spot on that i couldnt.
we were chatting about the wedding and i told her how paul and i nearly killed eachother the other day. she asked what it was about and i told her that he feels he should be doing the bar, but when we talk about how the bar should be done, our views differ so dramatically that i fear for our marriage should he fuck it up. (the venue doesnt have a liquor licence so we bring in our own bar and own liquor and staff etc)
so she said, just let him do the bar.
mom, you are a genius.

so of course thats the answer, just let him do it. its the second most important thing on the day, its his only task and if he is clever he will stop being so stubborn and get someone to do it for him. simple.
if he fucks it up, we will just have to have the marriage anulled.
but he wont. he cant.

so now i feel better and to some it might sound silly, but if we are blowing 120k on one day of our lives, best it be the most perfect day ever. its gone beyond us exchanging vows, its this huge shindig now with over 140 people. its going to have to rock!

i am off to breakfast and a bit of a gossip session with a good friend of mine.
i wish wine was included with breakfast. or vodka.

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momcat said...

Clever mom. Its always easier looking back with a few years experience. Ask me I know. Of course I only had a month to organise my wedding as I was almost 5 months preggers at the time but I think that was a good thing. No time to sweat the details!