Monday, June 1, 2009


hey y'all
jeez, have i been scarce or what?
Its not for lack of trying, rather just for lack of time. I am trying to plan this wedding in the few hours that Ben sleeps during the day and its MAD.
South Africa is just shocking when it comes to its offerings or maybe I just havent found the right things? I am spending half my wedding budget on UK magazines at the moment due to the fact that SA mags are absolutely awful- either the editors have no clue and have never actually had to co-ordinate a wedding on a budget or on their own or just dont have staff who actually put some effort into the content.

ANYWAY, later for that.
My boy Ben is getting so big. he is all of 7.5months old and crawling and standing all over the show. The cat- his favourite one Talula- is one of his most favourite objects to stand on- poor thing.
Little Ben still doesnt sleep through every night, but we are kinda used to it these days.
He eats like a little machine and he is just the happiest kid on the block. I totally love him.

Other than that, I turn 25 in a week...mmmm....been looking forward to that.
Paul and his team at Vida opened a store in London recently- its a little gem situated on Regent street- corner Regent and Air.

And my little boy has just woken up from his lunch nap!

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momcat said...

Happy birthday for a week's time!