Monday, May 11, 2009


its monday
i know you all know that
i just thought i would spell it out
ben is a genius. he has started pulling himself into standing position....i try to explain to him that he needs a plan from there on out, but he is quite happy just standing in his cot....the floor is littered with huge soft pillows should he decide to have a plan and take a leap. its not that we havent dropped the cot already, we have- twice- but he still finds his way up.

so, i need to talk about this wedding planning stuff- its driving me nuts.
i nearly postponed the wedding due to paul and i trying to kill each other over it. since when are men so involved in wedding planning. pssshhh.
and he is stubborn. by god the man is a mule. i am no better. so its two dumb heads against eachother and neither plan on backing down.
its really crap

i did events for a living way back when- ok i didnt do a wedding, but i dont just see a picture, i see every single detail and he just sees the picture......anyway, i love him very much, but he really is a brat. wonder where ben gets it from.

anyway, the wedding planning continues, T minus 208 days to wedding lift off and all i have done is book a venue....genius.

also, i need a stay at home mom day job.....but i just dont know what......
oh, i love mondays

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momcat said...

Enjoy your wedding. Dont sweat the details. The wedding is not more important than the marriage. Its the celebration of the start of your being joined together as a family and not something to be looked back on as a big stressed event. You need to agree to compromise. If Paul wants to be involved let him. He will also be involved in your life together. Often non involvement in the wedding by the guys also signals non involvement in the family as well.